Meditation Ramblings

The end of my 20-minute meditation was quite productive today 😃🤔 as I contemplated various states I experience during my Zen practice. Today’s was a rather quiet, deep and profound journey where I was sucked into the sweet nothingness of ourselves & the Universe while my breath deepened and got subtler. All this happening in a space shared with my little girl and her television friends digitally swimming across the space noisily.My meditative space is not always so noisy-yet-quiet though. There are times when my mind is like a public hop-in-hop-out bus with little control over who steps in, how much space it occupies and where it steps out. These thoughts are heterogeneous and chaotic without any theme or purpose. On other days, my mind is more like a neatly dressed private chauffeur, it follows instructions and drives us around with ease and grace. And then there are days, when my mind is like a privately-hired bus, there is a common theme and everyone has the same destination. These are the days when lights get fluid and begin to dance softly and I get visitors from the other side. Almost like shamanic journeys, these are the most interesting ones as I later attempt to decipher their symbolic messages. I must admit, however, that these are few and far between and are mostly catalysed by the energy of the meditation class and the space seeped with meditation energy over the years.Over time, I have come to understand that yearning or aversion towards one or another state is not only senseless but also causes frustration. And that my preferences have no bearing on my experience. Yet (and yes, I must get it off my chest), the hop-on hop-off bus is my least favorite. For now, I reluctantly embrace it as a symptom of the great concoction brewed underneath (and brewing still) over lifetimes that my Ego names me! Namaste 🙏(PS: While I practice Zen meditation, I do also believe in and experience the pure and sublime energy of my Hindu deities and all other archetypes like angels, Jesus, Source, Earth, energy, stars, power animals!)

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