Mundane Musings

As we wandered through the supermarket, my little girl switched from the ‘I want….’s to a fragrance. In a fruit-lined, fresh coffee-brewing, tins-bedecked alley, my daughter remarked that she smelled the neighbours. I think she meant that it smelled like their chique, urbane and yet so down-to-earth house there. I stopped in my tracks, breathed and took a whiff. I drifted… And I whole-heartedly agreed!My little Zen master had taught me the best lesson yet, it only takes a breath, a whiff, a flavour to drift from the dissonant desire mode to a feet on the ground ‘in the moment’ presence.(PS: my daughter has a highly developed olfactory discernment and articulation for a 3yo but that doesn’t really come as a surprise…)

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