Healing Circle of Light

I attended a full-moon healing circle last week, for the first time.  While I love full-moons, I must admit I find a roomful of mala-donning women dancing to some exotic music a bit too woo woo!And lo and behold, I had just signed in for such an evening in a huge Mongolian Yurt. My old Yoga teacher was organising it and that did make all the difference! My teacher has always been deeply interested in spiritual matters. And in addition to being a good yoga teacher, she has been studying all along from anatomy to massage to flower remedies, you name it!Somehow, I felt quite upbeat about it and signed up on the last day. We were all surprised to see a group of 10 participants. It began with a chai and Oracle cards (what a perfect ice-breaker!) with a healthy snack in between. A little description about the flower essences and how to do this particular healing and we were all set. Healing time! While I do healing on a regular basis, this was again different. We used flower essences intuitively to remove the blockages. It was amazing as I navigated through another participant’s chakras using essential oil energy (yes, just holding the bottle(s) was enough to remove the blocks and allow free movement of energy to the next energy center!)What was unusual was that we were standing during this practice and when one block was lifted, there was so much energy that the woman I was working with, almost passed out with the sudden release and deluge of energy.  Luckily for us both, she was light and petite enough for me to catch :-). Energy gradually moved to higher chakras and now with another remedy, we could release some emotional pain and block. What also happened was that a new sort of peace descended upon her. Her fiery energy had changed into peaceful strength. It was one of those extraordinary moments when I shared her spiritualscape including visuals, colours, temperature and energy movement.We were seriously overtime, so we wrapped up after every one had had their turn and I departed a little after midnight. The ride back home was a spooky one replete with a fox amd shadows swimming under a full-moon on deserted streets.

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