My little Buddha

My little, wise 4 yo daughter, half-asleep, said this to me a few weeks back and melted my heart. I think it has transformed me in some beautiful and unconditional way:She said, ‘Mama, you please stay happy. When you are happy, I am happy.  And I feel pain in my heart when you are not happy‘.  Next morning, I was not sure if she was aware of her words the night before. And I was  surprised to hear that not only was she fully aware, she even added more to what I had said to her! But being a conscientious highly-sensitive mother, I began to worry whether this was healthy and not co-dependent. What always reassures me that I am doing ok as a mother though is that there is an ascending line in her growth graph, physical growth but more importantly also emotional growth. Parenthood is tough and each stage presents both parent and child with new challenges. Some we grow up to with incredible ease and others we need help with. And so, I (and we) keep seeking and learning :)Someone told me during a family constellation a while ago that my daughter had come to us for our growth but is that not a universal truth? Do our children not show us the mirror everyday and inspire us to change and grow as individuals. They reach and touch us DEEP (even more so if both child and parent are HS), morph and transform us with their unconditional love and unconditioned beauty…PS: I would love to hear from you – your opinion, ideas and of course experiences. So please leave a comment

5 thoughts on “My little Buddha

  1. What beautiful sentiments of a child as young as 4! Can really make one’s day, year, life!!
    And equally thoughtful observations of you as the mother. This is probably how sensitive individuals are nurtured who in turn nurture others, sometimes the whole world. You are a great mother of a great child and there certainly are rewards such as these.

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  2. Always so touching and informative to read this article. Makes me love you both even more and pray for your love to continue and grow even more. Well done both mama and the little girl! You both are truly attuned to each other.

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