Myth of Sisyphus – baggage

Suddenly, in a bleak moment, as I was wondering what the best approach was in moving forward – eureka, a golden insight, a puzzle I had unknowingly cradled for long was CRACKED!!

I feel my guides besides me (in fact, around me) as I write this….

Yes, the mythical rock that we are rolling up the hill only to let it roll down is our baggage, our history, our memories, our past, our conditioning, ours angst, anxiety and of course the grooves of our thoughts. We are strangely attached to them and keep pushing them up. What if we just let them be and revisited them whenever wanted or required without any attachment, would they have altered, felt neglected or have deserted us?

I honestly don’t know but I don’t think so especially if one journals on a regular basis but it’d lighten the baggage and that’s a liberating thought if not liberation itself from drudgery.

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