Life is beautiful. And sometimes, a gentle (winged) reminder does wonders…I had ordered a ladybird bag for my daughter and it arrived nicely on time. In fact, I was just wondering when it’d arrive and if I should not send a reminder to the lady. And within a minute, rang the doorbell… Tadaa

I open the package and start perusing the bag.

And whoa, there’s a real ladybird alongside the bag on my kitchen counter. I don’t see ladybirds that often! I can’t contain my surprise and elation…

Well, ladybird synchronicity anyway resonates with me and has a special place in my mind and heart. Not only because of the famous Jung-and-patient synchronicity incident involving a (scarab) beetle where a patient describes her dream involving a beetle and the next moment, there is a buzzing on the window. You guessed it, it’s a beetle!

But also because I’d just heard about this famous incident through a parapsychology youtube video, and the following day, during a guided meditation by an extremely sensitive coach, a ladybird had landed right next to me. It was also the day, lights had flickered in her room every time she had asked me to visualise something over my future work!

So true to my seeker self, I went back to the same video this time as a kind of reference. And Archetypal Synchronistic Resonance, according to the two – the interviewee and the interviewor, is significant during some life or psychological transition or threshold. Well, isn’t that great?

I can’t wait for yet more mysteries to unfold. And by the way, it’s a one of a kind ladybug, she still sits pretty on my kitchen counter, hours after landing there 🙂

PS: my 6 yo informed me that ladybug is her totem animal….Hmm!

16 thoughts on “Ladybird

      1. I always see it as some kind of sign. When my Mum died a buttefly flew in and stayed 3 days on the curtain and when I first moved in here a similar thing happened. I have had birds fly into the house I think was the spirit of my dead sis. I believe in these messengers…

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