Fight, Flight, Freeze or….

Life is glorious when the most difficult answers land most effortlessly. I had a systemic Constellation with a highly intuitive healer. Well actually, that story itself is really interesting. Two random people recommended the same person as a mediator or a coach for my daughter and then a third followed up with me to know if I’d been in touch with him. Third time’s a charm, as they say!

As it turned out, I, instead of my daughter, got a healing session with him.

Within minutes, the Universe or ‘the field’ or call it what you will, had freed me of the Flight-Fight conundrum. In that moment of spontaneous learning, I’d found an alternative to my known range of reactions. In that moment, instinctively, I’d pulled and enlarged my aura, much like a large crown over my head and instantly the bully turned around and wallowed in his own trauma. A constellation is a role play where the facilitator or  the representatives feel and report feelings felt by the opposite parties, which makes it a multiparty and multidimensional experience.

In the beginning, I could not wrap my head around the whole idea but having benefitted greatly from constellations, especially in emotional stalemates, I know everything is possible in the field that we call life. For one, this healer who represented my passed-on father in the constellation felt and expressed my father’s feelings for me incredibly accurately. What also stumps me is that somehow the facilitator had taken on the energy and resembled the person, in this case, my father, in many ways. I was a total loss for words and couldn’t utter a single word!

Uncannier but also more glorious than this, life can not get or can it? 😉

2 thoughts on “Fight, Flight, Freeze or….

  1. Great! Constellations seem to have worked wonders in very short time for you and probably many others. There is so much to discover in life and you are a good seeker and guide to many others.

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