Healing Stories

Each healing is a unique experience. I know how cheesy and incredulous it can sound to the uninitiated but the healer simply tunes in to herself and lets the higher force take over, guide and show her what needs to heal sometimes in images and at other times in a feeling or in a voice or even a sensation.

So, the first time I see a new symbol or a sensation, I just note it down and mostly the meaning dawns upon me later, intuitively. It can be an image, a symbol, a colour, a hindrance or even a blockage. Sometimes I need to translate it immediately but my vocabulary and repertoire are rather limited as of yet. And then again, I have to go with what strikes me first.

I had given up on readings after an expectation-delivery conflict. Then after much agonizing but soon enough, I learned that I was being shown something special, something that one would only discover in a few sessions of talking or psychotherapy. Energetically, I also saw the pattern having healed and disappeared from my client’s system in the second meeting. And she’d reported it to me herself and that validated my translation of the symbolism.

It goes without saying that this client is quite intuitive and perceptive to have noticed and reported the transformation all on her own. At other times, however, I might sit longer on the translation and report it a little later. I must admit though that the translation of energetic experiences does have a magical and poetic feel about it and man, can I bask in that golden sunshine!

Namaste….Be the Light!

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