Healer Horse

As I read an online article today, I suddenly recalled an intensely stressful day not so long ago. My marriage was rocky and stressful on the bad days and indifferent on the good ones. We would subtly create our own spaces in the cocoon called home. The bad days though were spewed with irritations and skirmishes.

On one of these negativity-laden days when I was particularly feeling bullied and my stress level was at its highest, I stopped-by en route at a farm with my  then two year old daughter to pet a horse.

must have been wiped out by adrenaline because I can’t even remember the colour of the horse anymore. Nonetheless, the moment I petted the horse, my stress vanished and I felt absolutely serene. I could have been meditating for an hour. And that in an instant!

I was astonished, mystified and shocked all at the same time. I was so impressed that I took an energy-sensitive friend to the farm the next day to check if the horse would have the same effect on him. To my surprise, the horse wasn’t there. On asking around, I learned that the horse was sick and had been taken to get medical care.

My jaw dropped and set me thinking… Could it have been my stress that it’d taken over? Was it a healer-horse? I still do not know. What I do know, however, is that the jarring stress was for real and the serenity too.

Having  evolved over the last few years myself, I now not only understand but also experience these same issues regarding energy-transfer, empathy and high-sensitivity from the other side of the table.

The other thing I’ve recently come to understand is that relationship-stress can be extreme and that in terms of energy, it feels identical to souls experiencing or having experienced dire and deeply disturbing life-circumstances like war and bombings. It’s restrictive, isolating and overwhelmingly claustrophobic.

4 thoughts on “Healer Horse

  1. Beautiful story. There is a very real therapeutic phenomenon that of us between people and horses. What you speak of here shows to levels of transference. One is energized and caused the therapeutic effect you spoke of. The other, synchronicity, occurred because the soul in that moment was open to the healing effects that intervention was meant to have. Beautiful Post. I can’t wait to read more.

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    1. Thank you for the encouragement, it made my day! I’ll try to write more regularly. So enriching to have another perspective! I had not thought of my soul being open for healing as I was just extending affection or so I thought! Thank you🙏🙂

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