Lady Corona

What a time of contrasts! While birds are free and the skies are blue, humans are restricted and petrified, uncertain of their present and future.

One virus has brought our race to its knees, challenged our beliefs and blown away our arrogance. We stand corrected! Nature rules.

Whether its Aussie bush fires or Asian tsunami or viruses from wild animals meant to live freely in the forests, one little sneeze of nature can undoubtedly bring down the world order and system.

When we refuse to help nature by taking climate change seriously, it holds us by our collar and we realise how very weak we are. Its not a bottomless pit from which we can go on drawing!

Hold on! Nature’s just taking a breather and righting our wrongs. Hopefully after this, we’d be more committed to change, to durable lifestyles, working from home, feeling content instead of craving abundance! Maybe we will continue to use technology to conserve on other resources!

(Written on 25th March 2020

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