Alchemising Anger

I was quivering with frustration and anger over someone who had yet again derailed a process that had already lasted way longer than I’d have liked. I decided to stick to my routine of yoga, five Tibetans and meditation.

I chose loving-kindness meditation over the zen meditation as my mind wasn’t in the mood to follow empty silences today. So, i put on my favourite track and as i came to the last part of visualising a person with whom communication had been difficult and sending love, joy, peace, health and happiness their way. It did seem difficult at first but as i stuck it out with my hands on my heart, blessing the person in my mind.

I noticed, for the first time ever, flaming, fiery energy going in to my heart via one hand and a soft, flowery energy coming out through the other. I did instantly realise the alchemy and the mine of gold I had uncovered, for myself. I had just ALCHEMISED ANGER INTO LOVE with my heart acting as a converting machine.

I wonder though if it’d work if the bottled up anger or frustration was considerable. Nonetheless, being no Buddha, I did, however, come to regret that I hadn’t put the fiery energy to good use and cleaned out the attic or garden, for example! Another lessen learned, don’t give away (yet), what you still need 😉

PS: I’d love to hear from you if you’ve experienced something similar or even dissimilar 🙂

4 thoughts on “Alchemising Anger

  1. This is a beautiful post. It touches upon the psychological nature of alchemy and its transformative use in emotional movement. Anger is a natural sentiment of love. It arises from that place of fear associated with something being out of place, whether that something is externally driven or internal in the case of a mood. But it can shift into the gold associated with loving kindness easily. It pleased me to see that meditation moved anger in this course. I think we could all use lessons in a practice that does this, even if the energy is needed to manifest other experiences. Thank you for sharing.

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    1. Thank you so much for your generous words and valuable insights. I was indeed confounded by the experience.

      Metta, popularly known as loving kindness meditation is apparently just a means and not an end in itself as I’ve recently come to understand.

      You are right, its value can be tremendous especially in times like
      these. And the fact that its so accessible makes loving kindness a beautiful practice that activates the heart along with transforming the feelings in addition to many other spiritual fringe benefits.

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