Vitals of Visualisation

Oh I dont know how or why I sat still on this one for so long…

I got a BP monitor in November given the family history of hypertension and heart disease, it seemed logical to me, at the time.

…And After Visualisation 🙂

First day, first attempt: I took my blood pressure, all well! Not high and more appropriately not too low. On an impulse, and standing by the kitchen counter I visualised traversing to heaven. Yes, lofty but nice!!

And if you’re clairsentient, you can feel the energy and frequency changing. My visualisation lasted 30 seconds and I checked my bp immediately after that. And guess what, it had gone down…in 30 seconds!!! Along with the pulse!

I’d stumbled upon GOLD…yet again! And then comes the question: why do we need medicines when we are so powerful!

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