Life nowadays is highly digitised and mechanical and electronic with little time for nurturing of the spirit and health. As a result, some faculties are overworked while others are neglected resulting in physical ailments and mental blocks which hinder happiness and life force.

Scientific or Mainstream Solutions: Medical, psychiatric and psychological help. This help is characteristically rendered through medicines and often long-term analysis and therapy to treat, heal and restore balance in life.

Alternative Solutions:There are alternative branches of ancient, traditional and intuitive knowledge, wisdom and understanding of the psyche & nature for healing and restoration of the spirit, mind and body – called Prana in yoga and Chi, Ki or Energy in other types of traditional healing. It is this latter solution which I help with through Reiki Energy Healing and other holistic approaches like Aura healing.

My method – I intuitively identify and remove energetic obstacles or overactivity, help heal and energise through one of the tools like Reiki and Shamanistic Elements healing etc. which I feel appropriate in the specific situation to help the process. (Reiki) Energy Healing is the gentle manipulation of the energetic field to heal and release blockages, stagnation, or overactivity found in all five bodies; mind, body, spirit, emotions and energy.Aura is a compilation of subtle energy layers around the body and at this level, signs of developing illnesses are already present even before they are manifested in the physical body. These signs can be seen or felt by clairvoyants and intuits. Healing works with balancing the energy through energetically repairing, stimulating and balancing chakra. It usually takes a few sessions for a ‘problem’ to be treated.

As for my background, I am an MBA from a reputed business school in Australia and a qualified Logistics professional. I speak English, Dutch, Hindi and a little French.

Due to my deep interest, experiences and bent of mind, I have gained holistic knowledge and approach to guide and heal people through my long spiritual search, practice and training in various parts of India in yoga like Art of Living, Hatha and Sivananda Yoga, Iyengar yoga etc. And spiritual techniques like reiki, mediumship and trance healing, aura and shamanic healing from US and The Netherlands.

I also followed a 2-year course called Auratouch at Nederlof Instituut in Amsterdam. In addition to treating others, I have identified and overcome many of my own health challenges intuitively and with Yoga from food intolerances to PCOD to depression.

Depending on the nature of the problem/ailment, a session usually lasts for 30-50 minutes. Sometimes one may feel better (and healed) in one session and sometimes you might need more than one session. My holistic care lowers stress and promotes peace and well-being often resulting in increased awareness & confidence and it improves harmony between mind, body, emotions and spirit in an ever-changing environment.

I welcome you to contact me through email for appointment or a discussion. Contact & Appointment:Email at: dsaxena@hotmail.com