Vitals of Visualisation

Oh I dont know how or why I sat still on this one for so long... I got a BP monitor in November given the family history of hypertension and heart disease, it seemed logical to me, at the time. Before... ...And After Visualisation 🙂 First day, first attempt: I took my blood pressure, all … Continue reading Vitals of Visualisation

Healer Horse

As I read an online article today, I suddenly recalled an intensely stressful day not so long ago. My marriage was rocky and stressful on the bad days and indifferent on the good ones. We would subtly create our own spaces in the cocoon called home. The bad days though were spewed with irritations and … Continue reading Healer Horse

Heart Joy

My Zen lessons are nowadays few and far between as life has decided to throw all sorts of challenges at me in the last few months or even years. In my opinion, it's teaching me to 'catch' and to deal with my fears and grow. And, I welcome them....honestly, more like, gulp them down like … Continue reading Heart Joy

Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Have you had a good chat with yourself recently? I did. Twice recently, to be precise. I sort of woke up (but actually I must have been only half-awake since I was still sleeping in my place) in the dead of the night with a sense of urgency to have a chat with myself. It … Continue reading Mirror, mirror on the Wall

Myth of Sisyphus – baggage

Suddenly, in a bleak moment, as I was wondering what the best approach was in moving forward - eureka, a golden insight, a puzzle I had unknowingly cradled for long was CRACKED!! I feel my guides besides me (in fact, around me) as I write this.... Yes, the mythical rock that we are rolling up … Continue reading Myth of Sisyphus – baggage

Healing Circle of Light

I attended a full-moon healing circle last week, for the first time.  While I love full-moons, I must admit I find a roomful of mala-donning women dancing to some exotic music a bit too woo woo!And lo and behold, I had just signed in for such an evening in a huge Mongolian Yurt. My old … Continue reading Healing Circle of Light