Heart Joy

My Zen lessons are nowadays few and far between as life has decided to throw all sorts of challenges at me in the last few months or even years. In my opinion, it's teaching me to 'catch' and to deal with my fears and grow. And, I welcome them....honestly, more like, gulp them down like … Continue reading Heart Joy

Mundane Musings

As we wandered through the supermarket, my little girl switched from the 'I want....'s to a fragrance. In a fruit-lined, fresh coffee-brewing, tins-bedecked alley, my daughter remarked that she smelled the neighbours. I think she meant that it smelled like their chique, urbane and yet so down-to-earth house there. I stopped in my tracks, breathed … Continue reading Mundane Musings

Meditation Ramblings

The end of my 20-minute meditation was quite productive today 😃🤔 as I contemplated various states I experience during my Zen practice. Today’s was a rather quiet, deep and profound journey where I was sucked into the sweet nothingness of ourselves & the Universe while my breath deepened and got subtler. All this happening in … Continue reading Meditation Ramblings